February 5th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries


This page lists historical and other events on February 5th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries as well as festivals and a list of births and deaths of well-known Catalans.


1714 - Prats de Lluçanès (Osona) and Sant Feliu Sasserra (Bages): The Felipist troops destroy the towns.

1919 - Barcelona: The Canadenca strike begins.


1875 - Lleida (Segrià): Ricard Viñes i Roda, pianist and composer (died 1943).

1899 - Terrassa (Vallès Occidental): Joaquim Ventalló i Vergés, Catalan journalist, politician, translator, poet and publicist.

1905 - Sabadell (Vallès Occidental): Miquel Carreras i Costajussà, lawyer, historian, archivist and philosopher.

1916 - Llucmajor (Mallorca): Miquel Llompart Roig, Mallorcan track cyclist.

1917 - Sabadell: Joan Argemí i Fontanet, paediatrician.

1935 - Alcoi, l'Alcoià: Amand Blanquer i Ponsoda, Valencian composer and music teacher (died 2005).

1959 - Alcoi, l'Alcoià: Francisco González Sarrià, known simply as Francisco, Valencian singer.


1939 - Perpinyà: Teresa Mañé, better known as Soledad Gustavo, mother of Federica Montseny, founder of La Revista Blanca and the lay children's school in Vilanova i la Geltrú.

2007 - Miramar (la Safor): Joan Pellicer, Valencian populariser of ethnobotany (born 1947)

2015 - Trullars: André Sanac, rugby union player (born 1929).

Festivals and Commemorations

February 5th is the Saints' Day of Santa Agueda is the patron saint of women and the day is motive for various winter and women's festivals around Catalonia and Catalan-speaking countries.

Around Catalonia

  • Festa de Santa Agda in Riba-Roja d'Ebre (la Ribera d'Ebre)
  • Festa de Santa Àgueda in Torà (la Segarra)
  • Festa de les dones in Serós (Segrià)
  • Festa de les dones in La Granja d’Escarp (Segrià) 
  • Festa de Santa Àgueda in Corbins (Segrià) 
  • Festa de Santa Àgueda in Sudanell (el Segrià)
  • Festa de Santa Àgueda in Sunyer (Segrià)
  • Festa de Santa Àgata in Aitona (Segrià) 
  • Festa de les dones in Bossòst (Val d'Aran)
  • Festa de les dones in l'Ampolla (Baix Ebre) 
  • Festa de les dones in Arnes (la Terra Alta) 
  • Festa de les Dones in Massalcoreig (el Segrià) 
  • Festa de Santa Àgueda in Gandesa (la Terra Alta)
  • Festa de Santa Àgueda Torrelameu (la Noguera) 

Catalan-speaking Countries

  • Festes de Santa Agueda in Vallibona (Els Ports) 
  • Festivitat de Santa Àgueda in Calaceit (Matarranya)

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