Festa Major de Les Corts

28th September to 7th October 2018

One of the highlights of early October in the Barcelona area is without doubt the Festa Major of Les Corts, which in 2017 is celebrated between Friday 28th September and Sunday 7th October.

The ten-day festival is brings the whole of the District of Les Corts to life with most events taking place in Les Corts neighbourhood, which as it's the closest part of the district to Barcelona City Centre means the Festa Major is easily accessible for everyone via the Barcelona Metro System.

Although to a slightly lesser extent, there is also plenty going on in La Maternitat i Sant Ramon, which is home to FC Barcelona's Camp Nou, as well as in upmarket Pedralbes.

Nominally held in honour of the Saints' Day of La Mare de Déu del Remei on October 9th, the Festa Major lasts from Friday 28th September to Sunday 7th October 2018 and the streets of Les Corts will be filled music, concerts, traditional dancing, competitions, games and culture.

As always you can enjoy the Circorts Procession and the Correfoc Unitari in which the colles de diables turn the streets into a fiery hell that's fun for all the family.

You also should try to catch the Quick Painting Competition, the routes to learn about the history of the district as well as the castells show.

In order not to miss out on the wide range of activities, family events, performances and concerts, you can consult the Full Programme on the Official Festa Major de Les Corts website.


Festa Major de Les Corts Venues

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