Festa Major de Sants

Saturday 18th to Sunday 26th August 2018

One of the highlights of summer in Barcelona is without doubt the Festa Major de Sants, which in 2017 is celebrated between Saturday 19th and Sunday 27th August.

The week-long festival draws massive crowds and takes over from the Festes de Gràcia the previous week.

Although not quite on a par with Gràcia, the street decorations in Sants are still pretty amazing and the atmosphere is always really great.

There is also always plenty to do and see with children, family and cultural events taking place throughout the day and concerts and performances going on until the early hours of the morning.

There'll be castellers and correfocs and make sure not to miss the cercavila street parade with los Geganters de Sants, la Banda del Triangle de Sants, Tabalers de Sants and los Castellers de Sants.

It starts at 7 pm on Saturday 20th August and goes from the gardens on La Rambla de Sants to La Espanya Industrial.

You can consult the Full Programme on the Official Festa Major website.


Festa Major de Sants from Previous Years

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