Festa Major de Sarrià-Les Festes del Roser

Friday 28th September to Sunday 7th October 2018

One of the highlights of early October in the Barcelona area is without doubt the Festa Major de Sarrià, which in 2018 is celebrated between Friday 28th September and Sunday 7th October.

The ten-day festival is held in honour of La Mare de Déu del Roser and is mainly for the local population of the village of Sarrià, which now part of Barcelona's Sarrià-Sant Gervasi District.

If you're in Barcelona, it's well-worth taking the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat out to Sarrià to enjoy the fun.

The festival begins with the Pregó, Toc d'Inici and a small Cercavila or Procession on Friday 30th September, which is followed by a busy first weekend with concerts. street food and the Trobada de Gegants among other things.

The atmosphere is a little more sedate throughout the week but there's still plenty going on until the climax with the Saints' Day of La Mare de Déu del Roser on Friday and the events of the final weekend.

The Festa closes on Sunday with a Procession of Horse-Drawn Vehicles and an impressive Firework Display on Sunday October 7th.

In order not to miss the wide range of activities, family events, performances and concerts, you can consult the Full Programme on the Official Festa Major de Sarrià website.


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