Festa Major de Sitges

Friday 17th to Friday 24th August 2018

One of the highlights of summer in the Barcelona area is without doubt the Festa Major de Sitges, which in 2018 is celebrated between Friday 17th and Friday 24th August.

The week-long festival draws massive crowds to Sitges and the lovely coastal resort is even more vibrant than usual.

The festival is well-known for its traditional activities, such as the Entrada de Gralles, the Sortida dels Dues, the Processió de Bandera and the Castell de Focs, most of which take place during what are known as the 36 hours.

This is the climax of the festa and straddles the 23rd and 24th August, which is the Saints Day of Sant Bartomeu apòstol, who is the patron saint of Sitges and the excuse for the festival in the first place.

The traditional activities are so impressive that the Festa Major de Sitges has been declared an event of national interest by the Generalitat of Catalonia.

There are also a wide range of activities, including family events, performances and conserts and you can consult the Full Programme on the Official Festa Major website.


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