Festes de Gràcia

 Tuesday 14th to Monday 20th August 2018

One of the highlights of summer in Barcelona are without doubt the Festes de Gràcia in the Vila de Gràcia, which in 2018 are celebrated between Monday 14th and Sunday 20th August.

The week-long festival draws massive crowds and one of the main attractions are the beautifully decorated streets of Gràcia old town, which compete with each other in the prestigious best-dressed street competition.

There is also always plenty to do and see with children, family and cultural events taking place throughout the day and concerts and performances going on until the early hours of the morning.

You can consult the Full Programme on the Official Festa Major de Gràcia website.


Festes de Gràcia in Previous Years

Festa Major de Gràcia 2016

Although we're often away in August, we generally get to visit the Festes de Gràcia at least once and 2016 was no exception. We came down from Sant Andreu de Llavaneres on Friday 19th August and had a walk round the Vila on the Saturday morning. I managed to take quite a few photos and have divided them up in the following four street decoration themes.

  • Under the Sea - This was the winning theme by Carrer de la Fraternitat and was absolutely out of this world. You can see an example below.
  • Pirates - The Pirate Street also had a nautical theme and was quite spooky at times.
  • Working Women - It looked a bit angry at the entrance but once inside the decorations were great and show the importance of working women throughout the history of Barcelona.
  • Two Love Themes - One street was all heatrs and the other looked like it had been decorated with giant sex toys. Seriously!

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