Les Festes de la Misericòrdia in Reus

19th to 23rd September 2018

Not wanting to be completely outdone by nearby Tarragona, Reus holds its Festa Petita, in honour of La Mare de Déu de la Misericòrdia, at roughly the same time as the Festes de Santa Tecla every year.

This year there are hundreds of events programmed at 32 locations around the city and Les Festes de la Misericòrdia take place between 21st and 25th September, although there are also plenty of events programmed for the preceding week.

The festa officially kicks off with the hissada de la bandera mariana or raising of the flag and the lliurament dels guardons de la ciutat prize-giving ceremeny, in which members of the Reus society receive awards.

The next few days are filled with concerts, exhibitions, folkloric events and processions so there is something for all ages and tastes.

There is also an important diada castellera and then on the final day, the Festes reach their climax with the main procession, known as La Baixada de la Misericòrdia.

You can consult the Full Programme on the Official Ajuntament de Reus website.


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