Fogars de Monclús

A Cluster of Hamlets in the Heart of Montseny

Fogars de Monclús is a municipality in the comarca of El Vallès Oriental with a population of under 500 people, which comprises a number of small hamlets. the largest of which are Mosquerols, El Pertegàs and La Costa de Montseny, all of which have populations of over 100 inhabitants.

Despite its tiny poplulation, given its location on the southern slopes of Montseny, Fogars de Monclús is very popular with tourists and for this reason has quite a few restaurants and places to stay.


Things to See in Fogars de Monclús

Fogars de Monclús is home to a number of Romanesque and early Gothic churches dating from between the 11th and 13th centuries, including Sant Cristòfol de Fogars, Sant Esteve de la Costa in la Costa de Montseny, Santa Maria de l'Illa or Sant Roc, Sant Martí de Mosqueroles and the Hermitages of Santa Magdalena and Santa Fe del Montseny.

However, the main attraction is the beautiful countryside and the wonderful hill walks. The municipality is also home to the Santa Fe reservoir.

Fogars de Monclús Festivals

The Festa Major of Roser de Mosqueroles is on the first weekend in May and the Festa Major of La Costa de Montseny is on the second weekend in August.

Getting to Fogars de Monclús

By Road: Fogars de Monclús can be reached by car by taking exit 11 (C-35) of the AP-7 motorway and then the B-5114 to Mosqueroles

By Train: The closest train station is Sant Celonia, which is on the Renfe R2 Nord Local Trains line from Barcelona, , and from the station you can catch a bus run by the Singles Bus SA company.

Ajuntament de Fogars de Monclús

If you understand some Catalan, you can find up to date news about Caldes de Montbui on the Ajuntament de Fogars de Monclús Website.

Fogars de Monclús Hotels

Use the map below to search for hotels in the Fogars de Monclús area.

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