Francesc Cambó i Batlle

Founder and Leader of the Lliga Regionalista

Francesc d'Assis Cambó i Batlle was born in Verges in the Baix Empordà on September 2nd 1876 and died in Buenos Aires on April 30th 1947.

He was a conservative Catalan politician, who founded the Lliga Regionalista along with other conservative Catalanist politicians, such as Enric Prat de la Riba, in 1901.

He was first elected deputy for Barcelona to the Spanish Congress in 1907 and became leader of the Lliga Regionalista after Prat de la Riba's death in 1914.

He served as Minister of Foment in the Spanish government of Antonio Maura in 1918, and was named Minister of Finances in 1921.

In 1923, his conservatism proved superior to his Catalanism and he gave his support to the first 20th century in Spain under Miguel Primo de Rivera.

He firmly opposed the left-wing Catalan governments under Francesc Macià and Lluís Companys during the Second Republic (1931-1936) and joined right-wing CEDA, led by  José María Gil Robles.


Cambó supported the coup d'etat led by Franco on July 18th 1936 and was forced into exile first in France then in Switzeland

After the outbreak of World War II, Cambó fled to the United States and then to Argentina, where he died on April 30th 1947.

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