Francesc de Moxó i de Sentmenat

FC Barcelona President 1913-14

Born into a noble Barcelona family in 1880, Francesc de Moxó i de Sentmenat was the son of the Marquesa de Sant Mori and became FC Barcelona in 1913, when founder Joan Gamper stood down due to business commitments.

He was elected at an assembly held at the Colegio Condal on June 30th 1913, which was attended by 700 club members and obtained 183 votes beating Gaspar Rosés with 172 votes and Joaquim Peris with 59 votes into second and third places respectively.

The tenth president of FC Barcelona put an end to the long-standing disputes with the Catalan and Spanish Federations and in fact, became president of the Football Federació Catalana de Futbol in 1913 having co-founded and presided the Federación de Sociedades Deportivas since 1911.

He also managed to resolve internal divisions from a faction led by Joaquim Peris, who he had defeated in the presidential election.

On a sporting level, Francesc de Moxó i de Sentmenat was less successful with FC Barcelona coming only third in the Campionat de Catalunya and failing to qualify for the Campeonato de España.

De Moxó resigned July 30th 1914 at the end of the season after exactly a year in office and was replaced by Alvaro Presta.

He was also president of the Reial Club de Tennis Barcelona from 1911 to 1920, founder and president of the Asociación de Esgrima Barcelonesa fencing club from 1913, the Yatch Club Barcelona from 1914 and then later the Aeroclub de Barcelona.

He was also a judge of automobile races such as the Volta de Catalunya and journalist and financial manager of the sportspaper Stadium.

In the Spanish general elections of 1919, he was elected deputy for Unión Monárquica Nacional representing Vilademuls in Girona before dying aged only 40 in 1920.


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