Francesc Xavier Casals i Vidal

FC Barcelona's Civil War President 1937-39

Born in Badalona in 1880, Francesc Xavier Casals i Vidal took over the FC Barcelona presidency from the workers' committee on November 5th 1937 and stayed in office until the fall of Barcelona to Franco's troops on January 26th 1939.

Casals had been Minister of Work in the Generalitat government presided by Francesc Macià from 1932-33 and also had plenty of experience within FC Barcelona, having been a board member under Esteve Sala and Josep Sunyol, and effective head of the Management Committee, when the club was run by its employees from 1936 to 1937.

The overall balance of his presidency could not have been better given the extreme circumstances of the Spanish Civil War.

FC Barcelona was the best managed club on both sides of the conflict in Spain, remaining fully operational and winning a Campionat de Catalunya and a Liga Catalana.

Francesc Xavier Casals was president of the club until the fall of Barcelona to Franco's troops on January 26th 1939 and apparently, he calmly waited for their arrival in his office.

He had prolonged the sporting life of FC Barcelona for as long as possible as the last match at the Camp de Les Corts of the conflict was held on January 8th 1939.

Casals was temporarily replaced by the Management Commission presided by Joan Soler i Julià at the end of the war before Enrique Piñeyro Queralt was appointed as permanent FC Barcelona president by the Francoist regime.


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