Gaspar Rosés i Arús

FC Barcelona President 1916-17, 1920-21 and 1930-31

Gaspar Rosés i Arús was a Catalan politician, who was also president of FC Barcelona on three occasions (1916-17, 1920-21 and 1930-31) making him, along with founder and five times president, Joan Gamper, an important figure in the club's early history.

As a politician, Rosés i Arús was elected deputy in the Spanish Congress for the conservative Catalanist party, the Lliga Regionalista, for Arenys de Mar in 1918.

His election immediately followed his first term of office as president of FC Barcelona, which began on June 25th 1916, and it was under Rosés i Arús that the first board meeting, on June 1st that year, was written up completely in Catalan so it is clear that his political views had a lot to do with the Catalanisation of the club.

The other major event that season occurred on June 17th 1917, when it was discovered that FC Barcelona had registered their new player Garchitorena as a Spaniard when he was, in fact, Argentinian.

He had signed with the club using false papers so the board weren't to know but, as a foreigner, he illegally took part in the majority of games in the Campionat de Catalunya.

Just before the competition came to an end, Español found out Garchitorena's real nationality and reported it to Federació Catalana de Futbol, whose president happened to be Gaspar Rosés i Arús.

However, the ruling was that FC Barcelona had to repeat all the matches in which Garchitorena had participated and when the club refused, Rosés resigned both as president of FC Barcelona and of the Federació Catalana de Futbol.

On June 17th 1917, Joan Gamper took over the presidency of the club for his third term of office.

Three years later on June 27th 1920, Gaspar Rosés was elected president for a second term, in which FC Barcelona won the Campionat de Catalunya but in the Campeonato de España, another confrontation with the Federación Española led to the club withdrawing from the competition.


As this Mundo Deportivo article shows, during Rosés second term of office, with membership standing at 3,667, on February 14th 1921, the club launched it's first Butlletí Oficial del FC Barcelona, which included full results of the Campionat de Catalunya.

It was also under Rosés that the board began to considering building a new ground as the growing number of supporters had begun to make the Camp del Carrer Indústria feel small.

By the time Rosés stood down on July 17th 1921, the Camp de Les Corts project was already underway.

Gaspar Rosés third presidency began on June 30th 1930 and was marked by the suicide of club founder Joan Gamper on October 13th of the same year.

There were also a lot of internal disputes and Rosés ended up presiding over three completely different boards of directors throughout the season.

FC Barcelona won the Campionat de Catalunya that season but suffered the worst defeat in club history, 12-1 against Athletic Club de Bilbao in La Liga.

Gaspar Rosés finally definitively left the FC Barcelona presidency on October 22nd 1931 and was succeeded by Antoni Oliver.

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