Good Friday Processions in Barcelona

Friday March 30th 2018

There are three main processions in Barcelona on Good Friday, which leave from Barcelona Cathedral (3 pm) and the Church of Sant Agustí (5 pm) and the Church of Sant Jaume (7 pm) and there is also a morning procession that leaves Santa Maria del Mar (9.30 am). 

The three processions represent the most religious part of Easter in Barcelona and take different routes round the streets of Barcelona City Centre.

Although popular, the Barcelona processions are much less multitudinous than the two Good Friday processions in L'Hospitalet, which are organised by the Confraria 15+1.

As L'Hospitalet is so close and easily accessible by metro I've listed the Good Friday Processions in L'Hospitalet on a separate page.

Jesús del Gran Poder i l'Esperança Macarena

The longest and best known procession in Barcelona is the Processó del Jesús del Gran Poder i l'Esperança Macarena (shown in blue), which leaves the Església de Sant Agustí at 5 pm and moves along Carrers de l'Hospital, La Rambla, Carrer de Santa Anna, Portal de l’Àngel, Plaça Nova until it reaches El Pla de la Catedral in front of Barcelona Cathedral, where it meets the procession of La Nostra Senyora de les Angústies.

The route then continues alond Carrer de Boters, Carrer del Pi, Pla de la Boqueria and ends at La Plaça de Sant Agustí in El Raval at around 10.30 pm, where members of the Confraria meet and hold a closing ceremony.

La Nostra Senyora de les Angústies

La Nostra Senyora de les Angústies leaves the Església de Sant Jaume (shown in brown) at 7 pm and goes directly to La Plaça Nova via Carrer del Bisbe and meets with El Jesús del Gran Poder and l'Esperança Macarena in front of Barcelona Cathedral.

The procession then goes along Carrer de Boters, Portaferrissa and then down La Rambla until it reaches Carrer Ferran and ends at the Església de Sant Jaume at around 11 pm.

Barcelona Cathedral's Via Crucis

The other important event forms part of Barcelona Cathedral's Via Crucis events (shown in grey), which is the most solemnly religious ceremony in Barcelkona City Centre and officially begins with lauds at the Cathedral at 10 am. 

The main events begin at 3 pm, when for the only time each year, the Crist de Lepant leaves the Cathedral to preside the Sermó de les Set Paraules (Seven Words). 

The sermon is followed by the  Passió i Mort del Senyor at 5 pm and finishes with a Via Crucis or Stations of the Cross ceremony at 6.30 pm.

Santa Maria del Mar

A little less well know, the Santa Maria del Mar procession and goes round the streets of La Ribera, better known by tourists as El Born, starting at 9.30 pm.

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