Cultural and Arts Centre in Gràcia with Live Music Programme

Located on Carrer Ramon y Cajal in Vila de Gràcia, Associació Cultural Heliogàbal originally opened 1995 as a cultural association promoting the arts in the neighbourhood.

Since 2001, the centre has held exhibitions of photography and paintings, book and fanzine presentations as well aws poetry readings and other activities.

However, the venue is best-known outside Gràcia for its music programme, which includes rock and indie as well as experimental music and jazz.

The bands and musicians are often from the local Barcelona scene but Heliogàbal frequently has acts from further afield, including international cult artists.

The venue is lovely and intimate with audience sitting almost on top of the performers so it's a real pleasure to catch interesting music there.

Incidentally, the name comes from a Roman Emperor from the second century BC, also known as Elagàbal or Elagabalus in English, who was involved in sex scandals and showed a general disregard for religion.

* If tickets are not available, please check the Heliogàbal website link below


Getting to Heliogàbal

Carrer de Ramon y Cajal, 80,
08012 Barcelona


Metro Fontana - Green L3 Line, Metro Joanic - Yellow L4 Line

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