In his own words

The Life and Thinking of José Antonio Primo de Rivera

I'm currently working on translating selected writings and speeches of José Antonio Primo de Rivera, which I plan to use as the basis of a book with the working title In his own words: The Life and Thinking of José Antonio Primo de Rivera. 

The idea is to use these pieces as a way to show how José Antonio's thinking developed during his very short but influential political career, which lasted from the spring of 1931 to his death in November 1936.

I also plan to write sections that will not only give biographical information about José Antonio but also provide historical and political context and so describe the events leading up to the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War from José Antonio's Falangist perspective.

Below is a list of links to the articles that will form the basis of the book. Please bear in mind that this is work in progress.


Table of Contents

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