Catalonia Headlines for Wednesday January 30th 2019

The Catalan Government wants to regulate the sale of taxi licences

The Supreme Court blames Puigdemont for its refusal to free the prisoners as it believes that there are "power structures" that could help them escape and the transfer of the independence leaders to Madrid is delayed.

La Vanguardia Headlines

The front page headlines in La Vanguardia read:

  • The Catalan Government wants to regulate the sale of taxi licences
  • The Generalitat intends to stop the speculation market in the sector
  • The VTC companies begin the process of leaving Catalonia
  • The economy created 566,000 jobs, the best figure in 12 years
  • Catalonia goes from second to third place in job creation
  • The British Parliament rejects votes against Brexit without an agreement
  • Sánchez to Maduro "If you answer with bullets, you're a tyrant"
  • The President meets with representatives of the Venezuelan opposition
  • The Prosecutor asks Guaidó not to leave Venezuela
  • Maduro manoeuvres against US support for his rival

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