January 4th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries

This page lists historical and other events on January 4th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries as well as festivals and a list of births and deaths of well-known Catalans.


1485 - The troops of Pere-Anton de Rocacrespa are defeated in Montornès del Vallès by the remences or serfs under Bartomeu Sala.

1902 - The opera Els Pirineus by Felip Pedrell opens in Barcelona.

1939 - Artesa de Segre (la Noguera): Francoist troops occupy the town during the Civil War.

1978 - Figueres (Alt Empordà): The first edition of the Setmanari de l'Alt Empordà comes out.


1911 - Sabadell: Adolf Cabané i Pibernat, Catalan musician who composed the anthems for Centre d'Esports Sabadell (1977-present) and Futbol Club Barcelona (official from 1957 to 1974).

1948 - Barcelona: Oriol Solé Sugranyes, Catalan revolutionary activist (died 1976).

1950 - Navarrés, Canal de Navarrés: Joan Baptista Humet, Catalan singer-songwriter (died 2008).

1959 - Morella, els Ports: Ximo Puig, Valencian politician, mayor of Morella (1995-2012) and general secretary of PSPV.

1967 - Tarragona: Ma. Dolors Baena Font, Catalan sculptor (died 2013).


1681 - Solsona: Lluís de Ponts i d'Esquerrer, Benedictine bishop of Solsona and Abbot of the Monastery of Arles.

1833 - Barcelona: Agustí Torres, Professor of Humanities of the University Cervera.

1972 - València: Manuel González Martí, Valencian illustrator, historian and intellectual, founder of the Museu de Ceràmica de València. (born 1877).

1979 - Barcelona: Rafael Durancamps i Folguera, Catalan painter.

2007 - Barcelona: Carles Fontserè, illustrator and poster designer, especially during the republican period.

2010 - Reus, Baix Camp: Pere Anguera i Nolla, Catalan writer and historian (born 1953)

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