Jaume II of Urgell - "the Unfortunate" 

Unsuccessful Pretender to the Crown of Aragon

Jaume of Aragon and Montferrat or Jaume II of Urgell, the Unfortunate, was Count of Urgell, Viscount of Àger, and Baron of Antillón, Alcolea de Cinca and Fraga and a candidate to the throne of Aragon at the Compromise of Casp.

He was born in Balaguer in 1380 and as the son of Pere II of Urgell and Margalida of Montferrat was the last Count of Urgell.

On June 29th 1407, he married Isabel of Aragon, daughter of Pere III the Ceremonious and sister of Martí the Humane and significantly for future Catalan history, Elisabet of Urgell, the eldest of his five children, married Pere of Portugal, Duke of Coimbra, in 1428.

In 1407, Martí the Humane made him Viceroy of Catalonia and when he acceded to the throne of Urgell a year, the king made him procurator and general governor, which was seen as effectively naming him heir to the throne of Aragon.

Under pressure from the Bishop of Zaragoza, shortly before his death in 1410, Martí the Humane withdrew his nomination and so died without an agreed heir.

As a result, representatives of the Corts of Aragon, Catalonia and Valencia met at Casp between March 29th and June 28th 1412 to choose between various pretenders to the throne and in the Compromise of Casp, the Castilian pretender of the Trastámara family, Fernando of Antequera was elected king to the detriment of Jaume of Urgell. 

This led Jaume of Urgell to lead a revolt and his Castle Formós in Balaguer was besieged by troops loyal to Fernando of Antequera.

After the castle fell on October 31st 1413, he was tried and condemned and his possessions and lands were seized and sold.

He was imprisoned in the castles of Ureña and Mora de Toledo, and the Alcasser de Madrid, before being sent to the Castle of Xàtiva in 1426, where he died on June 1st 1433.


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