Joan Coma i Sarasols

FC Barcelona President 1931-34

Born in Barcelona in 1877, Joan Coma took over the presidency on December 20th 1931 at the start of one of the most difficult periods in the History of FC Barcelona.

Coma had, in fact, been interim president of the club following founder Joan Gamper's forced resignation in 1925 and his period as elected president also followed the resignation of Antoni Oliver.

Coma took over the club at a time of financial difficulties due to the professionalisation of football, which led to increased costs of wages for first team players.

At the same time, the proclamation of the Second Spanish Republic had caused a decrease in interest in football and consequently, falling membership and attendances.

The lack of funds meant that Coma had to let go many of the players, who had formed the great Barcelona team of the 1920s.

The loss of players such as Riera, Mas, Dos Santos and Gual was unpopular but when Samitier was let go, according to the board because of his age and lack of discipline, there was widespread public outcry.

Sami, the legendary Lobster Man, signed for rivals Real Madrid, who not surprisingly won the Liga championship in the 1932-33 season.

At the same time, the renovation of the squad didn't bring the results that had been expected and Barcelona were knocked out of the Copa del Rey by Sevilla after losing 4-0 in the return leg.

This provoked the resignation of many members of the board and a few days later, a letter signed by 800 club members calling for Coma's resignation was published in the papers.

In the summer of 1933, things went from bad to worse as the season had closed with a major deficit and FC Barcelona were beaten 6-1 by Badalona in a pre-season friendly.

Coma tried to overcome the situation by nominating a new board but the following season was even worse.

FC Barcelona failed in all competitions, the number of club members fell to 8,000 and the terraces at the Camp de Les Corts were frequently almost empty.

On July 16th 1934, Joan Coma finally resigned and was replaced by Esteve Sala.


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