Joan Soler i Julià

FC Barcelona President 1939-40

With the end of the Spanish Civil War on April 1st 1939, the Francoist regime ordered the creation of another commission to manage FC Barcelona, which was led by doctor Joan Soler, who became president of the club on May 6th 1939.

The directors who accompanied Soler in the difficult job of revitalising the club, such as vice president Jaume Guardiola and secretary Joan Bargunyó had already worked for the club.

However, there were also three directors imposed by the regime, whose job was to keep an eye on possible anti-government activities.

The police even opened a special file dedicated to to spying on FC Barcelona.

Under these difficult conditions, Joan Soler's main task was to recover the membership, which had dropped to just 3,500 members, and reopen the Camp de Les Corts.

The principal strategy was to strengthen the youth system and, as first post-war coach, he took on Josep Planas, who was already with the club and had extensive experience of Catalan football.

After nearly a year, the Comité Olímpico Español and the Consejo Nacional de Deportes decided to relieve Soler and he was replaced by Enrique Piñeyro as president of FC Barcelona on March 13th 1940.


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