Joan Trayter i Garcia

FC Barcelona Management Committee President 2003

After the resignation of Enric Reyna on May 6th 2003, a Management Committee presided by Joan Trayter i Garcia took over the club and organised elections for June 15th.

Joan Trayter was a distinguished Mathematics and Economics professor, who taught at Escoles Pías de Sarrià and the Abat Oliba College.

He was President of the Comissió Econòmica Estatutària of FC Barcelona at the time of Enric Reyna's resignation and this was why it fell upon him to preside the Management Committee.

The other members of the committee were vice-president Enric Lacalle, treasurer Jordi Pintó, vice-treasurer Antoni Cardoner, members Pere Perpiña, Lluís Vilajoana, Lluís Mundet, Josep Ignasi Parellada, Amador Bernabéu, Agustí Montoliu, Elisabeth Cardoner, Maria Teresa Andreu and Joan Molas, vice-secretary Francesc Oliveras and secretary Josep Maria Coronas.

Although only in control of the club for just over a month, this period coincided with the end of the season in which the basketball team won its first Euroliga and the handball team won its sixteenth Liga ASOBAL.

The resulting elections, which involved the highest participation in the history of the club were won by Joan Laporta.


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