Joaquim Peris de Vargas

FC Barcelona Interim President 1914

Military man Joaquim Peris de Vargas was one of the most controversial characters in the history of the club.

He finally became FC Barcelona president in September 1914 after having served as vice president under Joan Gamper, Francesc de Moxó and Álvaro Presta and more importantly leading dissident factions during de Moxó and Presta's terms of office.

He took over the presidency on September 29th 1914, after the resignation of Álvaro Presta, who had only lasted three months.

Peris de Varga maintained the position until the end of the 1914-15 season but his dictatorial tendencies provoked a player rebellion against him and he is famous for saying the phrase "I am Barcelona".

Despite not having ever won an election, Peris de Vargas was keen to retain the presidency of the club but seeing the internal divisions he was causing, the Captain General of Catalonia forced hime to stand down on June 29th 1915 and new elections were held.


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