John Barrow

The First FC Barcelona Coach in 1917

Englishman John Barrow is considered the first official FC Barcelona coach in 1917 and had previously been a player and team captain.

Barrow made his debut as FC Barcelona coach on January 7th 1917 in a Campionat de Catalunya game against International, which ended in a 0-0 draw.

He directed the first team for only 19 matches, of which FC Barcelona won twelve, drew five and only lost two, although under Barrow's management the club failed to win any trophies.

Furthermore, the team was disqualified from the Campionat de Catalunya for fielding Argentinian player Juan Garchitorena at a time when foreign players were not allowed.

After 4 months in charge, Barrow was sacked, apparrently, owing to his excessive drinking and he was replaced by another Englishman, Jack Greenwell.


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