José Vendrell Ferrer

CF Barcelona President 1943-46

Born in Tarragona in 1882, José Vendrell became 26th president of CF Barcelona on September 22nd 1943 and he remained in office until 1946.

He had served with Franco's troops during the Spanish Civil War and had taken part in the conquest of Barcelona alongside General Moscardó, who was president of the Spanish Olympic Committee and a key figure in deciding positions of power in sport in general.

At the time he was was named CF Barcelona president, he was a member of the Barcelona military government but had never been a member or supporter of the club.

However, in general, Vendrell's presidency was positive for the CF Barcelona as the club reestablished relations with the Spanish sporting institutions following the Chamartín scandal.

The number of members also recovered reaching 22,000, which meant the Camp de Les Corts had to be enlarged.

On the sporting front, CF Barcelona won La Liga in 1944-45 and beat Athletic Bilbao 5-4 to win the Copa de Oro Argentina the same year.

Vendrell stood down as CF Barcelona president on September 20th 1946.


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