José Vidal-Ribas i Güell

CF Barcelona President 1942

José Vidal-Ribas i Güell was interim president of CF Barcelona for a month in 1942 between Enrique Piñeyro's first and second terms of office.

In 1940, after the end of the Spanish Civil War, the Francoist regime had imposed Enrique Piñeyro, Marquis of the Mesa de Asta, as president of CF Barcelona and Vidal-Ribas, also a member of a distinguished Barcelona family, was nominated vice-president.

Prior to the war, he had been a tennis champion and captain of the Spanish Davis Cup team amongst other things and had also been treasurer of the Comité Olímpico Español so he had plenty of experience in sports management.

After winning the Copa del Generalísimo of 1942, Piñeyro resigned and Vidal-Ribas was nominated to lead an interim committee along with other board members, Juan Agustí Peypoch and Amado Casajuana, on July 10th 1942.

However, the Federación Española de Fútbol refused to accept Piñeyro's resignation and reinstated him on August 13th so Vidal-Ribas presidency only last 33 days.

Vidal-Ribas remained as secretary of the club until Piñeyro's definitive resignation on August 14th 1943.

He was later part of another interim management committee in 1953, when president Enric Martí Carreto resigned over the Di Stéfano affair and Vidal-Ribas was one of the signatories of the document renouncing CF Barcelona's rights to the Argentinian star.

Incidentally, one of Vidal-Ribas's thirteen children, Carlos Vidal-Ribas Zaragoza, was a member of the CF Barcelona board under president Enric Llaudet between 1965 and 1968.


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