July 14th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries


This page lists historical and other events on July 14th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries as well as festivals and a list of births and deaths of well-known Catalans.


1932 - Barcelona: The first issue of the weekly magazine "L'Intransigent" is published.

1979 - Terrassa (Vallès Occidental): In a city without any tradition in building castells humans, the colla castellera Minyons de Terrassa are founded. This new colla would immediately stand out for its rapid and stunning technical progress, which in a few years would make them one of the leading collas in the casteller world.

1983 - Barcelona: The Parliament of Catalonia promotes Law 19/1983 by which the Mossos d'Esquadra are refounded as the Police of the Generalitat of Catalonia.


1574 - Riudellots de la Selva: Dalmau Ciurana, Dominican friar. Considered venerable because of his religious life.

1925 - Barcelona: Assumpció Català i Poch, astronomer and mathematician.

1925 - Vilanova i la Geltrú: Ventureta Mestres i Gras, Catalan actress and soprano (died 1994).

1943 - Forcall, Ports: Manuel Milián i Mestre, a Valencian politician, journalist and writer.

1948 - Bellpuig, l'Urgell: Isidor Cònsul i Giribet, Catalan publisher, literary critic and writer (died 2009).


1803 - València: José Camarón Boronat, Valencian painter, engraver and illustrator (born 1731).

1968 - Barcelona: Adolf Florensa i Ferrer, architect and restorer of monumental buildings.

2003 - Barcelona: Roberto Bolaño, Chilean novelist and poet (born 1953).

Festivals and Commemorations

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