July 16th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries


This page lists historical and other events on July 16th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries as well as festivals and a list of births and deaths of well-known Catalans.


1233 - Borriana, Plana Baixa: Jaume I the Conqueror conquers the town: the first step towards conquering València.

1713 - Torredembarra, Principality of Catalonia: Combat de Torredembarra during the War of the Catalans, in which the Catalan General Rafael Nebot tries to stop the advance of the Borbon troops.

1845 - Valls, Province of Tarragona: A rebellion against the government begins.

1918 - Valls: The first library in the network of popular libraries of the Mancomunitat de Catalunya.

2004 - Alghero, Sardinia: The Consellera of Education of the Generalitat Marta Cid and the Mayor of the city Marco Tedde sign a collaboration agreement to promote the use of Catalan in education by creating La Costura, the first school with linguistic immersion in Catalan in Alghero.


1863 - Terrassa: Alfons Sala i Argemí, Catalan factory owner, lawyer and politician.

1877 - Roses: Pere Rahola i Molinas, Catalan politician and lawyer.

1948 - València: Rita Barberà, Mayor of València.

1972 - Sabadell: Carles Belda, Catalan accordionist.


1918 - Alcoi, l'Alcoià: Josep Jordà i Valor, Valencian musician and composer (born 1839).

1884 - Vilafranca del Penedès: Manuel Milà i Fontanals, Catalan philologist, intellectual and writer.

1986 - Sabadell: Maria Teresa Gavarró i Castelltort, Catalan teacher.

Festivals and Commemorations

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