July 1st in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries

This page lists historical and other events on July 1st in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries as well as festivals and a list of births and deaths of well-known Catalans.


1897 - Badalona, Catalonia: Maria Cristina of Austria is bestowed the title of the city of Badalona by royal decree.

1899 - Badalona, Catalonia: The events of July take place in the city of Badalona.

1982 - País Valencià: hi entra en vigor l'Estatut d'Autonomia.

1994 - Mallorca: More than 40 youth organisations create Joves de Mallorca per la Llengua.

1998 - Catalonia: Catalonia becomes the first autonomous community to pass a law of common law marriage.


1772 - València: Rafael Esteve i Vilella, Valencian engraver.

1913 - Barcelona: Joana Raspall i Juanola, Catalan writer, lexicographer and librarian.

1935 - Barcelona: Josefina Castellví i Piulachs, Catalan oceanographer, specialist in marine microbiology.

1940 - Vinaròs, Baix Maestrat: Carles Santos Ventura, Valencian artist.

1957 - Bunyol, la Foia de Bunyol: Andrés Perelló Rodríguez, Valencian politician and lawyer.

1972 - Barcelona: Jordi Mollà, Catalan actor.


1887 - Barcelona: Maria Josepa Massanés i Dalmau, Tarragona writer and poet (born 1811).

1904 - Barcelona: Josep Balari i Jovany, Catalan philologist, hellenist, historian and shorthand expert (born 1844).

1918 - València: Antonio García Peris, Valencian photographer.

1956 - Sabadell (Vallès Occidental): Cebrià Cabané i Bril, Catalan pianist and music teacher.

1967 - Barcelona: Agustí Borgunyó i Garriga, Catalan musician.

1989 - Calonge (Baix Empordà): Jacint Morera i Pujals, Catalan painter.

2009 - Barcelona: Baltasar Porcel i Pujol, Mallorcan writer and journalist.

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