Catalonia Headlines for Wednesday July 4th 2018

Hopes improve before the Sánchez and Torra meeting

The transfer of pro-independence prisoners to Catalonia begins as Junqueras, Romeva and the Jordis are going to Lledoners; Forcadell and Bassa to Figueres and the other imprisoned ex-consellers are waiting for Judge Llarena.

La Vanguardia Headlines

The front page headlines in La Vanguardia read:

  • Hopes improve before the Sánchez and Torra meeting
  • The Government offers "no conditions" but rejects a referendum 
  • The Generalitat activates bilateral commissions to cover sectorial topics
  • Artadi is confident of a political agreement that allows new meetings
  • Sovereignist mobilisations due to the arrival of prisoners to Catalonia
  • After a stop at Zaragoza Prison, the Conselleria of Justice assumes custody today
  • The spokesperson of Podemos gives birth in the sixth month of pregnancy
  • Montero and Iglesias are parents of premature twins
  • Work Ministry will abolish the contract models created by Rajoy
  • Granado admits that delimiting contributions will increase pensions
  • Front against uncivic tourism in La Barceloneta

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