Catalonia Headlines for Monday June 18th 2018

Spain receives the survivors with doubts over their destiny

Dolores Delgado, Minister of Justice "We have to relax our relationship and avoid more pain. The climate of approximation can't just come from one side but also from the other; we must do it. We aren't going give instructions to the Prosecutor out of respect for fiscal autonomy and judicial independence."

La Vanguardia Headlines

The front page headlines in La Vanguardia read:

  • Spain receives the survivors with doubts over their destiny
  • The Government will decide the future of the migrants of the 'Aquarius' case by case
  • The Valencian Generalitat and the NGOs ask that they not to be deported
  • Mobile renews her support for the Mobile investing 20 million
  • The City Council approves the economic contribution for 2019-2022 period
  • The App Store generates 76,000 jobs in Spain
  • The job market tied to apps grows 28%
  • North Macedonia, the name that finishes the fight with Greece
  • The historic agreement over the naming of the former Yugoslavian republic
  • Barcelona and Madrid now only sell new apartments off-plan 
  • The few promotions and the high demand have left the two capitals without any stock

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