Catalonia Headlines for Thursday June 28th 2018

The judge finalises the suspension of the leaders of the process

The EU criticises the high investment of the AVE and low passenger use as the European Accounts Court places the justification of various sections in doubt because the line between Madrid and Barcelona is the only profitable one in the Spanish network.

La Vanguardia Headlines

The front page headlines in La Vanguardia read:

  • The judge finalises the suspension of the leaders of the process
  • The Supreme Court confirms the prosecution for a rebellion "without weapons" on 1-O
  • Puigdemont and the ex-consellers in prison cannot be Members of Parliament
  • Torra wants to propose agreeing on a referendum with Sánchez
  • The President of the central Government asks the independence groups to leave the unilateral way
  • The economy maintains its strength despite consumption weakening
  • Europe opts for protecting its frontiers to stop the wave of immigrants
  • The proposals on the table from the European leaders includes "disembarcation platforms" in North Africa and support against mafias in Libya

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