Catalonia Headlines for Saturday June 8th 2019

Colau gets support from her bases to opt for the mayorship

Sánchez only excludes independentism and Vox as PSOE includes towards getting the votes of UPN at the cost of not governing in Navarre and the majority is at 174 seat because the suspended prisoners won't renounce.


La Vanguardia Headlines

The front page headlines in La Vanguardia read:

  • Colau gets support from her bases to opt for the mayorship
  • PSC warns that it won't vote in favour if there is no previous government pact
  • Maragall calls on the Comuns to dissociate themselves from the "jailers"
  • PP and Cs finalise the pact in the Comunidad de Madrid
  • Aguado, the Ciudadanos candidate, doesn't see any problem with sitting down with Vox
  • Genius of television, Chicho Ibañez Serra dies
  • The Treasury relaxes the persecution of tax crimes
  • The number of investigations falls by 40% in the last few years
  • Barcelona receives support from Europe with the adjudication of a new supercomputer
  • The Catalan capital will host one of the megacomputers on the continent in the BSC with 200,000 billion operation per second

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