Junts pel Sí-CUP Negotiations

Three Mad Months in Catalan Politics -Sep 2015 to Jan 2016

Simon Harris: January 10th 2016

A date by date account of the negotiations between Junts pel Sí and the CUP over the investiture of the new President of the Generalitat, which have lasted more than three months.

September 27th

Junts pel Sí win the elections and obtains 62 deputies, which isn't enough to invest their candidate, Artur Mas, as President of the Generalitat. The same night, the CUP, who won 10 seats, reiterated that they wouldn't invest Mas. However, both parties agree to sit down and negotiate.

October 1st

The anti-capitalist party proposes a rotating group presidency, or a collegiate government, like in Switzerland.

October 8th

The CUP demands acts of disobedience by Parliament before the investiture and an emergency social policy plan.

October 26th

Parliament is constituted. The CUP vote in favour of Carme Forcadell as Presidency of Parliament, but decide not to form part of the Mesa (permanent parliamentary committee).

November 9th

Parlament passes the Declaration of the Beginning of the Independence Process with the support of 62 deputies from Junts pel Sí and the 10 from the CUP.

November 10th and 12th

The Junts pel Sí Artur Mas candidate doesn't get enough support to be invested president.

November 29th

The CUP Assembly decides not to invest Mas but announces it will hold another assembly on December 27th.

December 22nd

Junts pel Sí presents its proposal for the pact, which involves €270 millon for the social emergency plan.

December 27th

The CUP Assembly finishes in a draw between thos in favour and those against the agreement and leaves the decision up to its political council.

January 3nd

The political council of the CUP says No to Mas.

January 6th

Mas decides to stand up to them and announces that he will call elections.

January 8th

The ANC insist that Junts pel Sí and the CUP start negotiating again.

January 9th

Agreement in extremis.

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