La Clota

A Green Oasis in Urban Barcelona

The tiny neighbourhood of La Clota is located in a depression between El Carmel and Passeig del Vall d'Hebron to the south-west of Horta and is one of the oldest parts of Horta-Guinardó District.

The original nucleus was the 13th century masia of Can Tarrida, now disappeared, around which a neighbourhood of houses with gardens grew up.

The farmhouse had been built at the point where the Rambla de Horta met the three seasonal rivers or Torrents of Sant Genís, Les Catorze Plomes and La Genissa and the abundance of water permitted the construction of wells and water courses.

It is from here that Horta's fame as the provider of water for Barcelona comes and when the first open-air laundries were set up, it was where servants came to do the washing for their bourgeois Barcelonan employers.


The growth of La Clota has never been particularly intense and it still has a semi-rural feel about it that is quite rare in Barcelona.

The dwellings are mainly single family one or two storey houses along the main streets as well as on the delightful narrow streets and passageways.

This a pleasant area full of allotments, orchards and market gardens and there is very little of architectural note apart from a refurbished house by Enric Miralles that recently won a FAD prize for interior design.

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