La Font d'en Fargues

A Pleasant Residential Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood of La Font d'en Fargues is situated to the south of Horta on the northern slopes of the Turó de la Rovira and lies between the spring from which it takes its name and the Torrent de la Carabassa close to Passeig de Maragall.

The spring was famous for the quality and properties of its waters and had long been a place where people organised outdoor events and excursions.

The urbanisation of the neighbourhood began in 1905 when Pere Fargas i Sagristà and his wife, owners of Mas Pujol, put forwards plans to the Ajuntament for the building of a garden city and allocated small plots of land to individual houses.

The luxury neighbourhood centred on Passeig Font d'en Fargues, opened in 1912, and Carrer de Verdi, which crossed it transversely and is now Carrer de Pedrell opened in 1915.


Around the same time, Fargas, after whom the neighbourhood is named, helped the Cooperativa de Periodistes - the Journalists' Cooperative - build a collection of houses for its associates.

This area was recommended by doctors as a place outside the city where patients could recover from tuberculosis and some of these houses remain on Carrer Peris Mencheta, named after the renowned journalist and press businessman.

There are a number of fine houses in the neighbourhood, including Can Carabassa and Can Fargas, as well as the Casal Familiar, built in 1928 and currently equipped as the neighbourhood's cultural and social centre.

La Font d'en Fargues is still the most residential neighbourhood in Horta-Guinardó and even though, there are some apartment, two or three storey houses with gardens still dominate.

It's really nice and quiet actually and definitely one of the most desirable areas in this part of town.

Nearest Metro Stations

There are no metro stations in the tiny La Font d'en Fargues neighbourhood but 

El Carmel, Horta, Vilapicina and Maragall, which are all on the Blue L5 Metro Line, are all within walking distance.

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