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La Maternitat i Sant Ramon Neighbourhood Map

The neighbourhood of La Maternitat i Sant Ramon occupies a wedge of territory to the left of Diagonal on the outer limits of Les Corts and Barcelona just before you reach Hospitalet.

It was part of the former independent municipality of Les Corts, also known as les Corts de Sarrià and the first part of its name stems from the 19th century maternity house known as La Maternitat.

The second part refers to the Sant Ramon residential area to the west of the neighbourhood.

However, the main reason, for me at least, for visiting Maternitat i Sant Ramon is go to FC Barcelona's magnificent Camp Nou stadium and the rest of its sporting facilities.


Getting to Know La Maternitat and Sant Ramon

The Camp Nou installations include the Palau Blaugrana basketball stadium, the ice-skating rink as well as the Barça Museum and Shop and the Masia Can Planes, which until recently where FC Barcelona's youth players learned their trade.

Other important features of this central section of the neighbourhood are the Cemetery of Les Corts and La Maternitat maternity hospital.

La Casa de la Maternitat i Expòsits  is an impressive collection of Modernista buildings designed by the architect Camil Oliveres i Gensana in 1889 and completed in 1910.

The maternity hospital remains open but the buildings also house other social and medical facilities and I have to say that the hospital gardens are particularly lovely.

Nearby you'll find the Parc de la Bederrida, a name that dates back to 945, and also the gardens of Can Bacardi.

At the other end of the neighbourhood, the Sant Ramon are, a large part of which is now belongs to Collblanc in Hospitalet, was originally centred on the parish church of Sant Ramon Nonat, a neoromanesque building designed by Enric Sagnier i Villavecchia in 1935.

Near here you'll also find the University of Barcelona's Campus Universitari Sud and the Reial Club de Polo de Barcelona.

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