La Puntual

Puppet Theatre for Children and Adults in Santa Caterina

Located on Carrer d'Allada Vermell just off Carrer Princesa in the neighbourhood of Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i La Ribera, La Puntual opened as a puppet theatre during the Festes de la Mercè of 2005.

From 1986, the space had been a workshop where the puppet company La Fanfarra made their puppets and planned their shows.

The name comes from the play L'Auca del Senyor Esteve by the great Catalan dramatist and artist Santiago Rusiñol, who was born on the corner of Carrer Princesa and Carrer d'Allada Vermell and is particularly appropriate as the neighbourhood of La Ribera has a long tradition of pupeteering.

Under the artistic direction of Eugenio Navarro, the theatre puts on a varied programme of puppet shows suitable for children and their parents and has a capacity for 50 spectators.


Getting to La Puntual

La Puntual
Carrer d'Allada Vermell, 15
08003 Barcelona


Metro Jaume I  - Yellow L4 Line, Metro Arc de Triomf - Red L1 Line

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