La Sagrera

Barcelona's Future AVE Station

Cut in two by La Meridiana, La Sagrera was once part of the old municipalty of Sant Martí de Provençals but is now a neighbourhood of Sant Andreu, to which these days at least it is more closely attached.

The origins of the name go back to the Pau i Treva at the end of the 10th century when Abat Oliba banned any kind of violence within thirty paces of a church in any area knows as the sagrera or sacred zone, I suppose.

The first mention of this Sagrera dates back to 998 as the sacred area of the parish church of Sant Martí dels Provençals and refers to a group of houses some with defence towers.

By 1877, this mainly rural area still only consisted of 48 houses but all this was to change with the coming of industry at the turn of the century.

The major factories in the area were La Española, which was part of Fabra i Coats in neighbouring Sant Andreu, Catifes Sert, the Esperanza flour factory, which later became Inoxcrom, the chemicals factory Nieve and the hatmakers Valera y Ricci.


However, the most important was the Hispano Suïssa, which later became the Empresa Nacional de Autocamiones better known as La Pegaso, and is now the site of the lovely Parc de la Pegaso, the entrance of which is shown above.

The neighbourhood is divided into two sections by La Meridiana with the modern part above it and the old part around the porticoed Plaça de Massades, where you will find the old market.

Nearby is the Crist Rei parish church where the Assemblea de Catalunya held its first meeting and began its anti-Franco campaign in 1971.

As the picture below shows, in the coming years, the whole neighbourhood will undergo a radical change when the new AVE high-velocity train station becomes a reality.

Public Transport

The station is already well served with R3 Rodalies and R4 Rodalies (Barcelona Local Train Lines) already stopping here.

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