La Trinitat Nova

Grey Barcelona

The neighbourhood of La Trinitat Nova is the result of a protected housing project built in the 1950s and designed as blocks of flats surrounded by gardens.

The buildings are pretty grey and pokey, though, and the living space inside each of the flats is limited to say the least.

It also suffered from the lack of provision of facilities and services so common in the new estates built in this period.

Improvements have been made in the last few decades and the blocks the suffered from aluminosis demolished but to me Trinitat Nova remains one of the ugliest parts of Barcelona.

La Trinitat Nova


The neighbourhood does at least have a decent central park and the northern section that borders with Torre Baró does allow you to escape the monotony.

Metro Station

The key to surviving here came with the building of the Trinitat Nova Metro Station in 1999, which initially linked the neighbourhood to the rest of Barcelona via the Yellow L4 Line but now also has Green L3 Line and Light Green L11 Line connections.

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