Les Franqueses del Vallès

Four Population Centres in the Heart of El Vallès Oriental

Les Franqueses del Vallès is a municipality in the comarca of El Vallès Oriental with a population of around 20,000 inhabitants and comprises the four ancient parishes of Corró d'Avall, Corró d'Amunt, Marata and Llerona.

Corró d'Avall is the main population centre because it includes the neighbourhood of Bellavista, which is the area that has undergone the most population growth in recent decades. 

Les Franqueses is located in the centre of the Vallès Oriental comarca with La Garriga and Cànoves i Samalús to the north, Cardedeu and La Roca del Vallès to the east, Granollers to the south and Canovelles and L'Ametlla to the west.


Things to See in Les Franqueses del Vallès

Built under the patronage of Joan Sanpera i Torras by the architect Albert Juan i Torner in 1913, the Ajuntament building is the architectural high point of Les Franqueses del Vallès and is one of the best examples of the Modernista style in the comarca. It actually comprises a number of buildings but the main building consists of a ground floor and two more storeys which are crowned by an impressive clock tower.

Another interesting building is the Torre de Seva is a medieval fortified country house initially built by Bertran de Seva in the 14th century, which was rebuilt and renovated in the 20th century. Next to the tower, there is a building that houses a small chapel with a semicircular apse with an Arabian, which is dedicated to Saint Abdón and Saint Senén and dates from 1606.

The Església de Santa Coloma de Marata is a Romanesque church with a single nave, originally built in the 11th century but later enlarged in the 17th and 18th when the lateral pillars were added. In 1970, during the restoration and excavation, ten silos were discovered under the floor of the nave. The church is located in Morata and surrounded by beautiful countryside, making it a popular destination for walkers.  

Les Franqueses del Vallès Festivals

Each of the population centres in Les Franqueses del Vallès has its own Festa Major with the Festa Major of Bellavista on first Friday of July, the Festa Major of Corró d'Amunt is the first weekend in August, the Festa Major of Corró d'Avall is the third Monday in September, the Festa Major of Llerona is on September 8th and the Festa Major of Marata is the last weekend in July.

Getting to Les Franqueses del Vallès

By Road: Les Franqueses del Vallès is easily reachable via the C-17 motorway, which if you're coming from Barcelona is accessed via the E-15 (just follow signs for Granollers).

By Train: Les Franqueses is on the Renfe R2 Nord Local Trains line from Barcelona.

Ajuntament de Les Franqueses del Vallès

If you understand some Catalan, you can find up to date news about Les Franqueses del Vallès on the Ajuntament de Les Franqueses del Vallès Website.

Les Franqueses del Vallès Hotels

Use the map below to search for hotels in the Les Franqueses del Vallès area.

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