Les Roquetes

An Immigrant Neighbourhood Up On The Hills

The neighbourhood of Les Roquetes is situated on the the slopes of a hill of the same name on the Collserola side of Ronda de Dalt.

Like much of the rest of Nou Barris, it came to life following the immigration of the 1950s and given the difficulty of the hilly terrain, most of the neighbourhood was built by the residents themselves.

This meant that the locals have always felt a strong sense of community and an example of this is the fact that in 1964 they installed the basic water services and sewage systems themselves by working together on Sundays.

The steep inclines make this a difficult place to get about and after years of complaints, Les Roquetes now has metal escalators.


However, being up on this section of the Collserola hills also has a definite charm.

Beyond the blocks, you can still find houses with gardens and small allotments, and you also get some spectacular views of Barcelona.

In the last decade or so, roads and pavements have been improved and car parks built making the neighbourhood a more pleasant place to live.

Given that a large proportion of the population is made up of Spanish and now South American immigrants it's interesting that many of the streets are named after the Spanish conquistadors of America (Pedro de Alvarado, Diego de Almagro, Alonso de Ojeda y Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada) and major battles (Álcantara, Almansa y Garigliano).

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