FC Barcelona Management Committee 1936-37

Following the murder of FC Barcelona president, Josep Sunyol, at the start of the Spanish Civil War, a management committee made up of employees was created to run the club.

As FC Barcelona was effectively in the hands of its employees, both the club and the Camp de Les Corts were taken over by the anarchist trades union CNT-FAI.

The workers' committee the union designated comprised five employees with spotless reputations regardng their loyalty to the club, Pere Ballarín, Manuel Bassols, Ángel Sánchez, general secretary Rossend Calvet and masseur Àngel Mur.

On August 31st 1936, in a manoeuvre designed by Rossend Calvet, three directors were added to the group, Francesc Xavier Casals, Agustín Bo and Paulí Carbonell.

Of the three, Francesc Xavier Casals took responsability for controlling finances, a particularly difficult job, given the circumstances of the civil war, and effectively became the club's strong man.

On November 5th 1937, the management committee was dissolved and a new board of directors was elected.

During the management committee's term of office, FC Barcelona won the Mediterranean Cup.


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