FC Barcelona Management Committee 2006

presided by Xavier Sala i Martín

A court ruling decided that Joan Laporta's first presidency had to end on June 30th 2006 and the club was run by a Management Committee presided by Xavier Sala i Martín, who was president of the Commissió Económica Estatutaria at the time.

The other members of the committee were vicepresident Carles Murillo i Fort, secretary Agustí Bassols i Pascual, vice-secretary Josep Ensesa i Viñas, treasurer Joan Torras i Gómez and committee members Albert Esteve i Cruella, Joan Molins i Amat, Pere Riba i Masjuan and Sebastià Roca i Roquer.

The Committe actually came into operation on July 26th with main objective of organising elections, which would be held on September 3rd.

However, only Joan Laporta was the only candidate and once it was confirmed that he had the required number of signatures, he was declared FC Batcelona on August 22nd to coincide with the Trofeu Joan Gamper pre-season tournament.

The committee only ran FC Barcelona for 28 days during which time the first team was on tour of the United States and Mexico and also won the Spanish Supercopa over two legs against Espanyol.

Xavier Sala i Martin remained involved with the club throughout Joan Laporta's second term of office.

Known for his brightly coloured jackets, he is Economics professor at Colombia University in New York and is currently in the limelight as a campaigner in favour of independence for Catalonia often appearing on television to explain the economic benefits of separating from Spain.


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