March 16th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries


This page lists historical and other events on March 16th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries as well as festivals and a list of births and deaths of well-known Catalans.


1562 - Salou: Three pirate galleons attack the town and take many prisoners.

1740 - Trobada de la Verge del Sofratge on Benidorm beach.

1938 - The beginning of the aerial bombing of Barcelona, which terrorises the civilian population for three days.


1849 - València, País Valencià: Joaquín María Arnau Miramón, eclectic Valencian romantic architect (died 1906).

1865 - Barcelona: Carme Karr i Alfonsetti, journalist, writer, feminist, pacifist, musicologist and publicist (died 1943).

1917 - Òdena (Anoia): Josep Romeu i Figueras, Catalan poet and literary critic (died 2004).

1943 - Barcelona: Maruja Torres, Catalan journalist and writer.


1915 - Lleida, el Segrià: Xavier Gosé i Rovira, Catalan illustrator and painter (born 1876).

2015 - Barcelona: Joaquim Molas, philologist and literary historian, former director of the Escola de Bibliologia de Barcelona (n. 1930).

Festivals and Commemorations

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