Catalonia News Headlines for Friday 27th March 2020

Torra puts out a damning report insisting on more confinement

Torra puts out a damning report insisting on more confinement as a study by the Department of Health foresees a peak in infections for April 24th and between 7000 and 1300 dead in Catalonia.


  • First sign of slowing of the rhythm of new infections
  • The increase in case was 15% yesterday, when on previous days it was 20%, but the peak at the ICUs is yet to arrive
  • The Government returns a delivery of 58,000 quick tests to China after finding out they're not reliable
  • Analysis: Coronavirus is here to stay
  • The main focus in Catalonia: Tension rises in Igualada due to the high mortality rate
  • The G-20 promises to inject 5,000 billion into the world economy
  • The flood of applications threatens to delay the payment of unemployment benefit until May
  • Italy ans Spain block the European summit and demand a more ambitious plan
  • Conte and Sánchez call for common financial mechanisms to combat the crisis, while Germany and Holland oppose it

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