Mas Wants Rajoy to be a Spanish Cameron

8aldia Interview 25/10/2012

In an interview with Josep Cuní on 8tv on Thursday October 25th, exactly a month before the elections, Artur Mas said that in the next legislature he would like Rajoy to be a Spanish David Cameron.

By this he meant that he would like the Spanish president to make the holding of a referendum on Catalan independence possible in the same way as the British Prime Minister had done for Scotland.

"This is what I would like and this is what I will work for", said the Catalan president.

The CiU leader explained that the first thing he would do after the elections would be put forward "the example of what the British have done" and "if necessary, propose a reform of Spanish law" so that Catalonia could hold a referendum.

"In the next four years, we have to be able to hold a consultation but I don't know by what means" said Mas and went on to say "if Mariano Rajoy is willing, we'll negotiate and if not, we'll have a problem."

A problem for Catalonia "because we will be in unknown territory" and a problem for Spain "because in addition to the crisis, it will have an internal democratic challenge".


The President of the Generalitat wasn't optimistic, however, that the Spanish government would accept the holding of a referendum and also had little confidence in the recent offers of dialogue from the Spanish president, because they didn't appear to be sincere, particularly after the rejection of the fiscal pact.

Given the lack of understanding, he reiterated that Catalonia would have to work on drafting its own Law of Consultations while at the same time appealing to European law.

Mas called on those in favour of independence for Catalonia to act with maximum respect because "we have to point out all our reasons to Europe".

He also admitted that there was a possibility that, depending on how the Catalan independence process evolved, the Spanish government might be willing negotiate in order to reduce Catalan demands.

If this happened, Mas wanted to give a message of confidence and guaranteed that "nobody should worry because the final decision won't be taken by me nor the government nor the parliament but by the people of Catalonia".

However, he didn't make it clear whether he would accept a negotiation or not and restricted his comments to "my ideal would be to have our own state within the EU".

The President of the Generalitat denied that he was under pressure to reduce the aspirations of the pro-independence movement, which has been active in Catalonia since the Diada demonstration of September 11th.

He also rejected the idea that any of the major companies would try and block the process. "Do you think I would have decided to lead the process if I was worried about the opinions of certain people?" he asked and added "if they could stop me, they already would have done so".

The idea of the European character that a future Catalan state should have was emphasised by Francesc Homs, who, in comments to RAC1, said "This has to happen within the UE, otherwise it won't happen".

He went on to say that the government "has always made it clear that membership of the European Union has to be a necessary requirement".

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