May in Catalonia

and the Catalan-speaking countries

May is a particularly interesting month in Catalonia. Here you will find the major historical events and festivals listed as well as birth and death anniversaries of important Catalans. 

The weather really could not better than it is in May. The days are sunny and warm enough to go to the beach but the evenings are cool enough to sleep easily.

The most important Historical Events, Births, Deaths and Festivals and Commemorations in May in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries are listed below and if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will find links to more detailed pages dedicated to each day of the month.

Many of the sayings associated with May in Catalonia focus on either the fact that the countryside is bursting into flower or that there are occasional rain showers.

The one of chosen to illustrate the month is about the flowers and is "Maig ha arribat, un jardí en cada prat" (May has arrived, there's a garden in every field).



May 1st 1298 - Barcelona: The building of the Cathedral of Barcelona begins.

May 8th 1980 - Jordi Pujol is elected 127th President of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

May 11th 1258 - Corbeil (Île-de-France, France): Representatives of Jaume I and Louis IX of France signen of the Treaty of Corbeil, according to which France recognises the full independence of the Catalan Counties, in return for giving up claims to Provence.

May 12th 1980 - Barcelona: Catalan novelist Mercè Rodoreda receives the Premi d'Honor de les Lletres Catalanes.

May 17th 1705 - Vic, Osona: Els Vigatans meet at the Hermitage of Sant Sebastià, in the parish of Santa Eulàlia de Riuprimer, with representatives of the allies and sign the Pact of the Vigatans. This would be formalised as the Pact of Genoa against Felipe V of Spain a month later.

May 17th 2006 - París, France: Futbol Club Barcelona win their second Champions League title, by beating Arsenal FC 2-1 with goals from Eto'o and Belletti.

May 18th 1960 - Barcelona: The Events of the Palau de la Música: The singing of El Cant de la Senyera provokes repressive measures by the Francoist authorities against Catalanism, in general, and Jordi Pujol, in particular.

May 22th 1640 - Barcelona: The peasants chase the Castilian soldiers who had attacked the parish of Sant Andreu de Palomar into the city and free the military deputy Francesc de Tamarit, prisoner of the Castilians. This is the prelude to The Reapers' War (La Guerra dels Segadors).

May 30th 1956 - Barcelona, Barcelonès: The publication of La Gramàtica Catalana by Pompeu Fabra edited by Joan Coromines, known as La Gramàtica "pòstuma".


May 10th 1452 - Sos del Rey Católico, Kingdom of Aragon: Fernando the Catholic, King of Aragon, 1479-1516), of Sicily (Fernando II) (1468-1516) and of Naples (Fernando III) (1504 1516); King Consort of Castile (Fernando V) (1474-1504) (died 1516).

May 11th 1904 - Figueres (Alt Empordà): Salvador Dalí, Catalan painter.

May 14th 1962 - L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelonès: Ferran Adrià, prestigious and innovative Catalan chef.

May 17th 1845 - Folgueroles, Osona: Jacint Verdaguer, Catalan priest and the greatest poet of La Renaixença.

May 23rd 1843 - Girona: Joaquim Vayreda i Vila, Catalan painter (died 1894).

May 28th 1658 - Sant Pere de Roda, currently Roda de Ter i les Masies de Roda (Osona): Bac de Roda, Catalan military leader, leader of Els Miquelets.

May 29th 1421 - Peñafiel, Province of Valladolid: Carles de Viana, Prince of Aragon and Navarre, Prince of Viana, Duke of Gandia (1439-1461), Girona (1458-1461) and King of Navarre (1441-1461).

May 29th 1860 - Camprodon, Ripollès: Isaac Albéniz, composer and pianist.


May 2nd 1743 - Sant Boi de Llobregat: Rafael Casanova i Comes, Austriacist lawyer and politician, the last Conseller en Cap of Barcelona (1713-1714).

May 31st 1410 - Barcelona: Martí the Humane, King of Aragon, the last of the House of Barcelona.

Festivals and Commemorations

May 1st is Labour Day in Catalonia as it is in most other countries.

May 3rd is La Diada de la Santa Creu

May 11th is the Saints' Day of Sant Ponç

May 11th is the Saints' Day of Sant Anastasi

May 15th is the Saints' Day of Sant Isidre

May 31st is Corpus Christi 2018

May in Catalonia Day by Day

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