Narcís Oller i Moragas

Creator of the Modern Catalan Novel

Narcís Oller i Moragas was born in Valls on August 10th 1846 and orphaned at the age of two.

Following a career as a lawyer, he went on to become one of Catalonia's most influential writers and is considered creator of the modern Catalan novel.

Although he was conservative in his views, he managed to adapt his realistic and natural style to the modernista fashion of the times

Amongst Oller's extensive works, his most successful novel was probably Febre d'Or (Gold Fever), which was written and published between 1890 and 1892.

This was followed by La Bogeria (The Madness) in 1898 and Pilar Prim in 1906, which established Oller's position as when of the great Catalan writers.

Narcís Oller's complete works are listed below.



El pintor Rubio, 1876 (in Spanish and out of print)

Un viaje de placer, 1868 (under the pseudonym Plácido)
Croquis del natural, 1879
La papallona, 1882 (with prologue by Émile Zola)
Notes de color, 1883
L'Escanyapobres, 1884

La bufetada, 1884
Vilaniu, 1885
De tots colors, 1888
La febre d'or, 1890–1892
Figura i paisatge, 1897

La bogeria, 1898
Pilar Prim, 1906
Rurals i urbanes, 1916
Al llapis i a la ploma, 1918


Teatre d'aficionats, 1900
Renyines d'enamorats, 1926


Memòries literàries. Història dels meus llibres (1913-1918, publ. 1962)

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