Narciso de Carreras Guiteras

CF Barcelona President 1968-69

Born in La Bisbal d'Empordà in 1906, Narciso de Carreras, was president of two of Catalonia's most prestigious organisations - CF Barcelona (1968-69) and La Caixa savings bank in 1972.

He is responsible for the phrase "Més que un club" - "More than a club", which epitomises the Catalanism of FC Barcelona to this day.

However, he was a close collaborator of the Francoist regime so calling him by the Castilian Narciso is more appropriate than the Catalan Narcís.

In his youth, De Carreras was personal secretary of the conservative Catalanist political leader, Francesc Cambó, and like many members of La Lliga, collaborated closely with the Francoist regime after the Spanish Civil War, occupying various positions.

As far as CF Barcelona were concerned, he had been board member under Augustín Montal i Galobart and Enric Martí i Carreto and so experienced first hand the Di Stéfano Scandal, in which the authorities helped Real Madrid poach the Argentinian star from Barcelona.

After the resignation of Enric Martí in 1953, De Carreras wanted to stand in the elections against Francesc Miró-Sans but was pressurised by the Falange not to do so.

After Enric Llaudet's presidency and the unsuccessful 1960s for CF Barcelona, De Carreras was considered the unity candidate and was elected club president on January 17th 1968.

Early success came with the conquest of the Copa del Generalísimo in 1968 but in 1969, the team lost the final of the 1969 European Cup Winners' Cup 3-2 to Slovan de Bratislava.

This led to a crisis when, whilst the team was on tour in the Americas, the board decided to sack coach Salvador Artigas, whose contract had just been renewed, and bring back club legend Helenio Herrera.

Helenio Herrera was offered a contract that more than doubled Artigas' salary and given the precarious finances of the club, many supporters and members of the board came out in protest.

At the height of the affair, Narciso de Carreras left the city to take part in the organising committee of the Fairs Cup in Italy, leaving vice president Pere Batet in charge.

Batet and two more board members resigned over the affair and on his return, seeing the obvious lack of unity, De Carreras handed in his resignation on December 18th 1969.


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