Nau Ivanow

A Theatre and Creation Factory in La Sagrera

Located in the neighbourhood of La Sagrera in the District of Sant Andreu, the Nau Ivanow opened as a theatre and arts space in 1998 and has been run by Fundació Sagrera since 2006.

Taking its name from the old paint factory where it is housed, since 2010, the Ivanow has been one of the Ajuntament de Barcelona's Fàbriques de Creació or Creation Factories, specialising particularly in the scenic arts.

The main performance space is the Espai Andy Warhol but there are also spaces for rehearsals and exhibitions as well as spaces where artists can work on their own projects.

The centre has a varied and interesting theatre programme sometimes with as many as four different productions a month.


Getting to Nau Ivanow

Nau Ivanow
Carrer Hondures, 28
08027 Barcelona


Metro Sagrera - Red L1 Line, Blue L5 Line, Orange L9 Line, Light Blue L10 Line

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